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1. No Lifeguard on Duty – Swim at your own risk.
2. No diving or performing flips
3. Walkways and entries must be clear of pool furniture. Chairs must be four (4) feet back from pool edge.
4. The pool is for the exclusive use of Cameron Farms residents & their guests. Residents are responsible for the conduct of their children & guests at all times. The residents must accompany their children & guests. Children are defined as anyone under the age of fourteen (14) years of age.
5. Guests are defined as anyone who does NOT reside within Cameron Farms. All guests must be accompanied by a resident.
6. Children fourteen (14) and under must have adult supervision.
7. Pool open daily. Refer to pool gate for current hours. No trespassing or loitering when pool is closed. Violators will be prosecuted.
8. No vehicles are allowed for overnight parking. Vehicles abandoned in or around parking lot after pool is closed will be towed at owner’s expense.
9. Pool gate(s) must remain latched & locked at all times, in accordance with county codes and insurance requirements. Do not prop gates open.
10. Pool users may use the furniture provided in the pool area, and shall not place furniture into pools, or remove furniture from the pool area for any purpose
11. Pool users shall not create disturbing activity or noise that may infringe on the rights, comforts or convenience of other residents. No radios, CD players or video equipment permitted. The use of personal audio players and video equipment that utilize headphones or ear buds are permitted. Any electronic devices must be operated on battery power. No extension cords are permitted in the pool area.
12. No running, pushing, hitting. biting, spitting, blowing nose, hair pulling, boisterous play, scuffling and foul language is permitted in the pool or pool area.
13. No throwing of hard objects; all balls must be soft, foam based balls, similar to Nerf brand balls. Please use discretion with inflatables during busy times.
14. No water balloons of any type.
15. Public intoxication is NOT permitted in the pool area. Any person suspected of intoxication will be asked to leave and risks losing pool privileges.
16. Person(s) having open wounds, a transmittable skin disease, blister, sore or inflamed eyes, nasal or ear discharges or any communicable diseases should not use the pools.
17. Children under the age of three (3) must wear “Little Swimmers” or some type of swim diaper.
18. All bobby pins, hair pins and other such materials shall be removed before entering the pool. Only proper swimsuits are permitted, no diapers, or cut-offs. No diaper changing is permitted in the pool area, except at the designated baby changing stations in the pool restrooms.
19. No Glass containers of any type are permitted. No eating or drinking while in the pool. NO gum in the pool area. Grills are not permitted inside the pool fence.
21. No climbing on pool fences, gates, buildings, and furniture.
22. Pool safety devices are located in the pool area for use in an emergency. No resident or guest shall remove or tamper with any pool safety device.
23. No bicycles, skateboards or scooters are permitted on the pool deck.
24. All residents should be aware that the pool area is monitored by video surveillance devices which will be used to aid in the enforcement of the rules, and in the prosecution of any crime.
25. Weapons are prohibited on pool grounds.
26. A pool pass is required for entry into pool.
27. Please use trash cans provided.
28. Pool cleaning emergencies: call HOA Property Manager: Acclaimed Property Management (615) 241-1556 immediately. Please inform fellow residents in attendance.

Important Information

Location: Iroquois and Westchester

Hours: 9-9 Sun. thru Thurs., 9-10 Fri. and Sat.

Opens: 5/21/17

Closes: 9/14/17